Bruno Health – Terms of Service
1. What is Bruno Health
1.1 The Bruno Health platform is Bruno Health Pty Ltd's (ACN 638940 646 of 6/204 Hampden Road, Nedlands, Western Australia 6009 Australia (Bruno Health)) online and mobile platform (being Bruno Health's website, the Bruno Health app, Bruno Health iPhone, iPad or Android Platform and all parts and pages of the same) (Platform) providing access to users (Users or You (as the context requires)) of professional health services (Services) and health services providers (Providers or You (as the context requires)).
1.2 These Terms apply when either a User or Provider (or any other person) access and use the Platform, or engage with Bruno Health and any person acting on behalf of Bruno Health (Representative) via telephone, email, post or in person. If You do not agree, You may not use the Platform to access goods or services or provide goods or services as either a User or Provider.
1.3 Bruno Health is not an in-home care or employment agency.
1.4 Bruno Health does not employ or contract care or support workers.
1.5 You acknowledge that there is no employment, independent contractor or agency relationship between Yourself, or anyone You represent or work for, and Bruno Health.
2. Platform Services
2.1 Bruno Health provides the Platform to enable registered Users to make offers to Providers for the purpose of using those Provider’s Services or obtaining those products from the Provider, based on the rates set out by the Provider on the Platform.
2.2 IMPORTANT: If a User confirms with the Provider an offer for services from a Provider on the Platform, an agreement is created between that User and the Provider (Services Agreement). The standard terms of a Services Agreement are available here. If a Provider wishes to use different terms, these will be notified to Users at the point of acceptance and it will be at the User’s discretion to accept these terms.
2.3 Bruno Health is not a party to any Services Agreement and accordingly, Bruno Health accepts no responsibility for the terms of any Services Agreement and makes no warranties as to the appropriateness of any of the terms in a Services Agreement to a User’s needs or individual circumstances.
2.4 By agreeing to these terms You acknowledge that Bruno Health is not bound to enquire as to the performance, default or any breach by any person of its obligations under any Services Agreement entered into by You.
3. Bruno Health Obligations and liability
3.1 In no circumstances does Bruno Health have control over, or responsibility for, the acts or omissions of Users or Providers.
3.2 Subject to clause 5.2of these Terms, Bruno Health, grants You a license to access and use the Platform and materials Bruno Health provides solely in connection with Your use of the Platform, and in accordance with these Terms.
3.3 Users seeking Providers are solely responsible for the selection and recruitment process of Providers including compliance with all applicable State, Territory and Federal laws.
3.4 Bruno Health provides the Platform subject to consumer guarantees under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth). Nothing in these Terms affects Your statutory rights. Bruno Health makes no express warranties beyond these consumer guarantees.
3.5 To the extent permitted by law, You agree to release Bruno Health from any liability for claim, damage, loss or expense (whether direct, indirect, consequential, inconsequential or otherwise) you suffer as a result of using the Platform and Bruno Health will not be liable, including for negligence or any other category of liability whatsoever, for any damages, costs or losses to any person, any diminution in value, or any liability whatsoever arising as a result of taking or not taking any action under or in connection with the Platform or any User, unless directly caused by its gross negligence or wilful misconduct.
3.6 While we place restrictions on the conduct and use of the Services, it is possible that some Users or Providers may not comply with these Terms. We encourage all Users and Providers to be cautious when interacting with other persons on the Platform.
3.7 While Bruno Health has no obligation to monitor Your activities on the Platform, Bruno Health reserves the right, but is not obliged to remove, edit, refuse to post or review any content it deems inappropriate or out of date.
3.8 In using the Platform, the User accepts that they are exercising their choice of Provider, and as such, is accepting certain responsibilities for their choice and their actions. By engaging services from Providers via the Platform, the User is agreeing that Bruno Health accepts no responsibility or duty of care for:
(a) the health, safety and wellbeing of themselves and the Provider; and
(b) ensuring there is no activity that puts themselves, or the Provider’s health and safety, at risk.
4. Account access
4.1 In order to use the Platform You must register for and maintain an active Account. Bruno Health is under no requirement to accept your registration and the acceptance of any registration is subject to Bruno Health’s absolute discretion.
4.2 If you are a User, You acknowledge that in using the Platform:
(a) You are at least 18 years old; and
(b) If you are a carer or representative acting on behalf of a User who will receive Services from a Provider, that You are and will continue to be an Australian citizen and/or a person legally authorised to work in Australia and you are duly authorised by that other person to procure goods and services on their behalf.
4.3 If You are a Provider, You acknowledge that in using the Platform:
(a) if you are a company, hold a valid ABN which has been/will be provided to Bruno Health when you register/registered your Account;
(b) are, if applicable, registered for GST purposes and are in compliance with all relevant tax requirements; and
(c) hold all approvals, consents and property necessary to lawfully enter into, and perform Your obligations under, these terms of Use and into any Services Agreement; an.
4.4 You may not authorize third parties to use Your Account (other than a person who is legally authorised to act on your behalf such as a nominee, attorney, custodial parent, appointed guardian, appointed carer or appointed representative) and You may not transfer Your Account to any other person or entity.
4.5 Notwithstanding clause 4.3 of these Terms, You are liable for any and all activities conducted on and through Your Account.
4.6 You must comply with all applicable laws when using your Account on the Platform, and must not cause nuisance, annoyance, inconvenience to other Users or Providers on the Platform.
4.7 By creating an Account, You agree that Bruno Health may send You informational text (SMS) messages, push notifications and emails to your registered email address as part of the normal operation of the Platform.
4.8 While using the Platform, engaging with Bruno Health and its Representatives and interacting with other Users or Providers, You must act honestly and reasonably and meet the standards in the standards, statements and procedures of Bruno Health available on the Platform, including, but not limited to these Terms, any Service Terms and the Privacy Policy as may be amended from time to time.
4.9 You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of Your Account login details and must not disclose Your Account login details to any third party. If you are using the Platform on behalf of someone else, you may share details with that person if you choose, understanding that you remain liable for all usage and orders on your Account.
4.10 You must immediately notify Bruno Health if You know or have any reason to suspect that Your Account login details have been lost, stolen, misappropriated, or otherwise compromised or in case of any actual or suspected unauthorized access or use of Your Account.
4.11 Once Bruno Health has been notified of any unauthorised access of your Account, You may:
(a) alter Your Account login details to ensure the Account is no longer accessible by this unauthorized third party; and
(b) notify Bruno Health of any expenditure within the prior 7 days which has been incurred by the unauthorised third party. Bruno Health will work with you to identify, as best it is able, the unauthorised third party and recover any lost funds but does not take any responsibility for any unauthorised access of your Account as referred to in paragraphs 4.9 and 4.10 above.
4.12 You agree not to:
(a) use any robot, spider, or other device or process to retrieve, index, or in any way reproduce or circumvent the navigational structure or presentation of the Platform;
(b) “frame” or “mirror” any part of the Website without our prior written authorisation;
(c) use code or other devices containing any reference to the Platform or Bruno Health to direct other persons to any other web page, app or platform;
(d) modify, adapt, sublicense, translate, sell, reverse engineer, decipher, decompile or otherwise disassemble any portion of the Platform or cause any other person to do so.
5. Termination and suspension of Account
5.1 If You use or attempt to use the Platform in breach of any Term or any specific terms and conditions for Services, Bruno Health may charge You a cancellation or breach charge as notified on the Platform or website from time to time, and may terminate Your Account.
5.2 Bruno Health may suspend or terminate Your access to the Platform, or certain areas of the Platform, for any reason including, but not limited to:
(a) if there is an interruption, fault, virus or unauthorised access on the Platform or the Bruno Health systems;
(b) if You breach these Terms of Use;
(c) if You attempt to change, add to, remove or otherwise interfere with the Platform or any material or content displayed on the Platform; or
(d) if You use the Platform or engage with Bruno Health for any purpose that Bruno Health considers inappropriate, including the storage or transmission of inappropriate, offensive, derogatory or misleading and deceptive material;
(e) in the event of unusual payment activity, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently suspend your payment methods (including via credit card) and we may contact you, your bank, your plan manager or any other relevant third party to report such unusual activity; or
(f) if you are a Provider, if Bruno Health deems based on feedback from Users and any other information made available to Bruno Health, that You have failed to provide Services under any Services Agreement.
6. Notifiable incidents
6.1 If you breach the Bruno Health Terms of Service or are the cause of a notifiable incident required to be notified under any of the Bruno Health terms and conditions applicable to Providers or Users, Bruno Health may, in its sole discretion, remove You from the Platform.
6.2 If You are a Provider:
(a) You must provide Bruno Health with a notice if you have been charged with, or convicted for a criminal or a civil offence in any State or Territory in Australia, or in any other country; and
(b) You are liable for, and agree to indemnify Bruno Health against all claims, liabilities, penalties, suits and actions, resulting directly or indirectly from any failure to notify Bruno Health under clause 6.2(a).
7. Changes to the Terms of Use
7.1 Bruno Health may modify these Terms at any time, by uploading the revised Terms to the Platform. Changes come into effect from the day on which the revised Terms are uploaded to the Platform . Your continued use of the Platform will constitute Your acceptance of any changes. If You disagree with the revised Terms of Use, You may cease using the Platform and deactivate the Account that was registered by You on the Platform using Your name, postcode, email address and password.
7.2 If Bruno Health makes a material change to the Terms of Use, Bruno Health will notify You by posting a notice of the changes on the Platform and on Bruno Health’s website and via the email address nominated by You in Your Account. You may also request a copy of these updated terms be provided to You at any time.
8. Payment
8.1 Charges for goods and services are set by Providers, not Bruno Health, and are as shown on the Platform.
8.2 Charges You incur for the purchase of products are owed directly to the relevant Provider at the time of sale and are payable using the Platform’s payment processing method.
8.3 Charges You incur under a Services Agreement for Services are owed directly to Providers, and Bruno Health may collect payment of those charges from You as the limited payment collection agent of the Provider.
8.4 You can request lower charges from a Provider for Services they provide. If a lower charge is agreed with the Provider, You may modify the charge on the Platform through your account. Any dispute as to the agreed level of charges is not the responsibility of Bruno Health and you must contact the Provider in accordance with your Services Agreement.
8.5 If you are a User:
(a) once Bruno Health receives a confirmation from the Provider, Bruno Health will debit (for the benefit of the Provider as their payment collection agent) Your primary Account payment method for the agreed amount in the Services Agreement. If You are registered as a plan-managed Account, Bruno Health may set Your plan as the primary Account payment method for eligible Services in accordance with the requirements of the Platform;
(b) All payments debited by Bruno Health from You will be enabled by Bruno Health using the preferred payment method designated in your Account, after which you will receive a receipt in your Account (and by email if selected by the User).
(c) If Your primary Account payment method is expired, invalid or otherwise not able to be charged, You agree that Bruno Health may use a secondary payment method in Your Account, if available.
(d) Charges debited from your Account are final and non-refundable, unless under consumer law or otherwise determined by Bruno Health.
8.6 If you are a Provider, once Bruno Health receives confirmation of the completion of the Services from You, You will be paid in accordance with the Specific Bruno Health Terms applicable to the Services you have provided (available here).
8.7 Payment methods available on the Platform have their own applicable terms.
8.8 An invalid or expired payment method on Your Account may prevent You using the Platform.
8.9 You are solely responsible for the accuracy of the bank account or credit card details that you provide to Bruno Health, including for Providers, the bank account number and BSB number for payment for Services, or for Users their credit card details.
8.10 Bruno Health expressly disclaims all liability related to errors in fund deposits due to inaccurate or incomplete bank details or credit card details being submitted by Users or Providers (as applicable).
8.11 Bruno Health uses Stripe Payments to store and process credit card transactions. Bruno Health expressly disclaims any and all liability for any claims or damages related to our use of third party payment processing services and such transfers, including without limitation any damage that may result should any such information be released to any third parties.
8.12 If You cancel an order of goods or Services prior to delivery, You agree that Bruno Health may charge you a cancellation fee if such a fee is required by the Provider pursuant to the terms of the Services Agreement (or product terms of sale) you have entered with that Provider or mandated by Bruno Health as part of the specific terms and conditions for those services.
9. Insurance
9.1 If you are a Provider, You acknowledge that:
(a) you are required to hold certain insurances for the purposes of providing your chosen Service; and
(b) you remain responsible for holding any insurances which you are required to hold under any law.
10. Credit Card pre-authorisation
10.1 As part of Bruno Health’s payment approval process, Bruno Health may be required to assess whether or not You have the means to fulfil your obligation to make payments for the services booked. Bruno Health reserves the right to conduct a pre-authorisation of your credit card if it is your nominated payment method. This may involve placing funds in the account linked to your credit card on hold each time you make a purchase, book a Service or add a new card to your Platform account.
10.2 Bruno Health confirms that the pre-authorisation amount will not exceed the total amount (plus one cent) owed to us for that purchase or for booking that Service; and
10.3 No funds are received by Bruno Health or the Provider during the pre-authorisation process.
10.4 We cannot guarantee the time it takes for your bank to process both the pre-authorisation transaction.
11. Bruno Health not an RPOS
11.1 Bruno Health is not a Registered Provider of Support under the NDIS, and does not provide goods or services through the NDIS. All NDIS goods and services ordered through Bruno Health are provided by independent Providers who are not agents of, or employed by, Bruno Health.
12. Privacy
12.1 Bruno Health takes Your privacy very seriously. Bruno Health commits to comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and with Bruno Health’s Privacy Policy available on Bruno Health’s website.
12.2 Purposes for which Bruno Health collects and may use and disclose Your, and other person that uses the Platform’s, personal information include registering and managing Your account and use of the Platform, providing You with the Platform, exercising rights and carrying out obligations under these Terms, and operating the Platform and the Bruno Health business in accordance with good business practice.
13. Feedback and complaints
13.1 If Bruno Health becomes aware of any complaints, comments, feedback, testimonials or reviews which are in breach of clause Error: Reference source not found, it reserves the right to remove said complaint, comment, feedback, testimonial or review.
13.2 All issues, complaints, opinions, suggestions, questions and feedback in respect of Providers, Users or Services should be notified to Bruno Health or communicated to Bruno Health via telephone on (08) 6245 7053.
13.3 Notwithstanding clause 13.2, any disputes in relation to the terms of Services provided to, or provided by, You must be settled in accordance with the terms of the Services Agreement between You and the other party referred to in clause 2.2 above and You must follow the process outlined in the applicable Services Agreement.
13.4 Bruno Health encourages Users and Providers to try and resolve any disputes (including claims for returns or refunds) in relation to Services Agreements directly. To facilitate this process, you acknowledge and agree that Bruno Health may, in its absolute discretion, provide the relevant party with your information.
14. Intellectual Property
14.1 The Platform and any material on the Platform, including all associated Intellectual Property Rights, are the exclusive property of Bruno Health and/or its licensors, Providers or authorising third-parties.
14.2 You will not acquire any rights, including but not limited to Intellectual Property Rights, in the Platform or any material or content on the Platform.
14.3 Intellectual Property Rights include, but are not limited to, patents, copyrights, rights in circuit layouts, registered designs, trademarks, the right to have information, belonging to or in the possession of, Bruno Health or which You obtained through Your relationship and engagement with Bruno Health and which Bruno Health regards as confidential, kept confidential, and any application or right to apply for registration of all present and future rights conferred by statute, common law or equity whether registered or unregistered.
14.4 You must not remove, alter or obscure any Intellectual Property Rights incorporated in or accompanying the Platform or the material on the Platform. You must not use, copy, adapt, modify, distribute, license, sell, transfer, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit, broadcast or otherwise exploit the Platform or any material or content on the Platform.
15. Bruno Health Fees
15.1 Bruno Health does not charge Users fees to access or utilise the Platform.
15.2 To enable a successful operation and maintenance of the Platform and an efficient connection between Users and Providers, Bruno Health charges fees to Providers in respect of Services performed via the Platform. These fees are added to the base hourly rate set by the Provider for the Services and form part of the agreed fee set in the Services Agreement between User and Provider. These applicable fees will be set out on the Specific Bruno Health Terms, on the Platform at the point of job acceptance and in our communications with Providers.
15.3 Bruno Health reserve the right to change the fees at any time on 10 business days’ notice to you.
15.4 You will not be entitled to any refund of payments for chargeable services or features.
16. Third Party Links and Cookies
16.1 The Platform may contain links to third party websites which are not under the control of Bruno Health. Bruno Health is not responsible for the content on the third party websites. You acknowledge that You enter third party websites from the Platform at Your own risk.
16.2 You acknowledge that the Platform uses cookies and automatically collects log data and device information when You access and use the Platform. By accessing the Platform and agreeing to these Terms of Use, You consent to Bruno Health’s use of cookies and collection of data in accordance with the terms of Bruno Health’s Privacy Policy.
16.3 From time to time, we may promote, or advertise events, offers, products, services or other activities that may be conducted offline and may be conducted by third parties. These events, products, services or other activities may be subject to separate Terms of Use. You acknowledge that you participate in any of these activities entirely at your own risk.
17. Promotions
17.1 Bruno Health may offer promotions and discounts for particular Users or Providers or on particular conditions.
17.2 Bruno Health has the sole discretion to establish and modify the terms of these offers and end any such offer at any time.
18. Device and network usage
18.1 Bruno Health does not guarantee that the Platform will function on any particular hardware or devices. The Platform relies on Your device and its network access and may be subject to limitations and delays inherent in the use of devices and electronic communications. Your mobile network’s data and messaging fees apply.
19. Disclaimers
19.1 No guarantee – Bruno Health does not warrant or provide any guarantees in relation to the use of the Platform, the reliability of information provided to You through the Platform, nor the availability or functionality of the Platform.
19.2 Indemnity – You are liable for and agree to indemnify Bruno Health against all claims, liabilities, penalties, suits and actions, resulting directly or indirectly from:
(a) any information that You have provided to Bruno Health being inaccurate, misleading or incomplete;
(b) Your breach of any law;
(c) Your breach of these Terms; or
(d) a misuse of the Platform by You.
19.3 Governing Law – these Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Western Australia, and You accept the exclusive jurisdiction of its courts.